Global Goals Challenge We're happy to help organise a Global Goals Challenge at your school. Global Goals Challenge - is a three-day challenge-based workshop that engages students from Learning Futures Network and Innovative Schools Consortium member institutions to engage in an intensive design process to identify and suggest solutions to problems related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We can accommodate 50-100 students for each challenge with 60-70 being the ideal range.

Student participation is facilitated by a hosting teacher and an experienced educator from Curtin University and includes mentoring opportunities with experts from academia, industry, community and cultural organisations. This can also be accompanied by a teacher professional learning event around managing open-ended challenge-based enquiry connected to curriculum outcomes and the development of learner capabilities.

The Global Goals Challenge is an ACES recognised program and all participants become eligible to apply for SHAPE Awards.

From this year we’ll also be encouraging students and teachers to consider extending and repurposing the work they begin in the Global Goals Challenge so that it can be used to enter the United Nations Association Aust (WA) Students’ Sustainability Challenge – the work we do in the Global Goals Challenge can easily be transferred and applied to fulfil the entire Innovation phase of the UNAA(WA) competition – the work can also then be adapted to create entries into the Game Changer Awards.

Hosting schools must be members of the Learning Futures Network - membership is free of cost and obligation - see for details and a simple registration form.

School Commitments:

  1. To confirm dates with the Learning Futures Advisor at Curtin University
  2. At least 1 teacher as co-facilitator (more if the group is very large)
  3. Invitation to other schools to participate - 3-5 schools in total tends to work very well.
  4. Assist with identifying suitable mentors
  5. Invitation to parents and others to attend final presentations
  6. To provide feedback after the event
  • Resources Required:
  1. Large open work space for whole group engagement and presentations
  2. Access to devices and internet (including BYO)
  3. Break out spaces for small group engagement
  4. Display screen
  5. Easy access for parents and mentors
  6. Butchers paper, pens, whiteboards, etc
  • Optional:
  1. Food/snacks for participants – otherwise clear advice to BYO
  2. We can offer some Teacher PL parallel to the Challenge
  3. Photography to document the event

  • If you're happy with all this please proceed with the form - we can consider regional participation but might request support with travel and accommodation.

  • The facilitator is an experienced educator at K-12 and University levels and is a contributor and participant in global educational innovation. WWC details can be provided.

  • There are no additional costs for workshop facilitation.

  • If you think you'd like to participate in a Challenge but cannot manage hosting please contact me and we'll see if we can connect you with a hosted event.

Overview of the structure of the 3-day challenge event.